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Welcome! Let me introduce myself. My name is Denique, I was born in Guyana, South America.  I migrated to Canada at the age of 9 to a single father after losing my mother to breast cancer. My post secondary education led me to study business and on completion I pursued a career with the Federal Government. I then found more fulfilment after taking on a job supporting the developmentally challenged population, and worked in that field for 7 years. I have worked with women for the past 6 years who suffered with menstrual issues and that is where my coaching practice began(although I didn't realize that I was coaching). My passion stems from my personal experiences as well as the continued progress I continue to witness in my clients. This has led me to pursue my Health and Life Coach Certification with the Health Coach Institute that is CCE accredited with the International Coach Federation (ICF).

After suffering through heavy painful periods for most of my life due to no information and a lack of support, I resigned that this was destined to be my future. When I spoke to my doctor about my painful periods, I was told that is was normal and of course I believed the doctor, why wouldn't I? I had resigned to this is how the rest of my life was fated to be and I began to look forward to menopause.  

After years of living this lie, I intentionally made changes to my life, particularly changing my diet and adding a movement practice. Three years after making these changes, I lost 70lbs, I felt healthier, and my period pain went from dreadful to non existent. I made the conscience decision to live my best life on my terms and I started to see the positive changes.  Through countless hours of research, education and practicing ancient yoni healing practices, I now have 4 day symptomless periods. I am now able to identify when my hormones are imbalanced and what changes I need to implement to ensure that painful periods remain a thing of the past

now that we've met,

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