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Most women experience symptoms of hormone imbalance at some stage of their lives, from pre-menstrual, throughout your childbearing years right through to menopause and beyond.


Yoni (vaginal) steaming is an ancient practice that has been used for centuries to help women connect to their yoni (sanskrit word for women's reproductive organs including your vagina) and balance their hormones.  This practice involves sitting on a special stool over steaming herbs that are carefully selected to aid in the physical healing of a number of reproductive/menstrual issues.  Although this practice is not new, it is new to the western world.  I have personally practiced yoni steaming for over 15 years and have successfully treated numerous women over the past 5 years who has experienced life changing results in regards to their pain management.  


Nutrition and lifestyle plays a big role in balancing your hormones.  Hormones are made from the fats that we consume and other nutrients, food plays a major role in how our hormones function.

As women, we take it for granted that hormonal symptoms are a normal part of our monthly cycle. However, the good news is that they don't have to be. By making simple improvements to your nutrition and lifestyle, you can really help to reduce their effects and improve your overall quality of life. 

A life of white pants and vacation planning without fear is possible.


Understanding that your body is a system we play special care to your mindset as well as your physical well being.

Say hello to pain free periods and good bye to cysts and fibroids! Schedule a zoom call here and begin your journey to freedom!

See you on the other side of pain.


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Celestial Yoni Steam

Includes womb massage, clay detox, hot stone treatment, and yoni (vaginal) steaming with your choice of blend. Please note that your herb blend will be customized based on he information you provide in the intake form.

Desire Yoni Steam

Yoni (vaginal) steaming with your choice of blend. Please note that your herbal steam blend will be customized based on the information provided in the intake form

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one on one coaching

One on one coaching program is ideal for you if you have fibroids, infertility issues or PCOS. 


​This program combines a hormone detox, weekly yoni steaming, detailed menu provided for the program.  You will have weekly coaching either in person or online to ensure you succeed.  

For a detailed description of the program and cost click here.

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Wax menu

1/2 Arm                                                              $18 

Full Arm                                                                $28

Under arm                                                            $16 

Upper Leg                                                            $35

Lower Leg                                                             $30

Full Leg                                                                 $50

Full Back                                                               $25

Lower Back                                                           $15

Belly Strip                                                             $15

Bottom                                                                 $23

Between the Cheeks                                               $15

Bikini                                                                   $25

Brazilian                                                              $45

Vagacial                                                              $60

Glam Puss                                                            $99

   ** Additional $5 charge if any trimming is required**

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