Women share the impact of Yoni Steaming


Olivia came to me suffering from ovarian cysts as well as excrutiating pain due to her period. She was unable to go to work due to the pain and nausea.

Listen to her story.



Desire Package

Yoni (vaginal) steaming with your choice of blend. Please select your blend when you receive your intake form. You can view our blend options here.

***If you are unsure what blend you would like, please select the Consultation option***

Deluxe Bridal

Vagacial, champagne, fruit platter, womb detox, hot stone treatment, and breath awareness.


Includes vagacial, breath, and body awareness.


Daenah tries yoni steaming for the first time and shares her experience.

Listen to her experience.


Fibroids Package

These blends of herbs were carefully selected to promote the shrinking and elimination of fibroids.

This is a 3 month commitment to steam 3 times per month.


Vagacial for 2 people, wine, and fruit platter.

Bridal Package

Vagacial, champagne, fruit platter, and breath awareness.


Alicia shares her yoni steaming journey. From healing painful periods to post partum.


Listen to her story.



This package is for women that are seeking to maintain a healthy yoni (reproductive) area. This package is also great for women that would like to strengthen and tone their wombs while tightening their vagina.


A session of reiki healing.

Tribe Called Quest

Vagacial for 3 people, wine, and fruit platter.

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