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set effective boundaries in 30 days

Connect to your higher SHE. This program is for women who are ready to form a deeper connection with self to awake her Divine Feminine. This self directed program will give you all the tools you need to connect with your higher self in order to manifest your desires. Through daily yoga, affirmations, pranayama practices, meditation and a vegetarian diet you will begin to create the body mind and spirit you need to become the best version of yourself. You will develop a new sense of self as you are guided by your Divine Feminine energy.

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Program Details

In 30 days you will have a new appreciation for self! Through daily yoga, pranayama, affirmation and meditation practices you will form a deeper connection with your sacred womb space.  You will begin to awaken your Divine Feminine.  On completion of this program you will hear the voice of your higher self which will lead you to begin to heal traumas that you have stored in your womb space.  You will begin to trust your intuition and gain more confidence.  A detailed 4 week menu will be supplied that includes a detailed shopping list and recipes to ensure that you are nourishing your mind, body and spirit. 



4 morning yoga flows for any level.  Movement that connects you directly to your most sacred space.



4 Breathing techniques to connect your body and mind. Promotes relaxation as well as physical health benefits.



We are what we eat.  Practicing a clean diet will aide in your overall health and wellness. Your mind, body and spirit will benefit from a vegetarian diet.

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4 Meditations to help you release and settle your thoughts. Helps you to release any emotions that does not serve you. 

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