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Best used for Heavy menstrual bleeding, cramping and painful menstruation.  These herbs have high astringent properties that can stop heavy menstrual bleeding. Some herbs that we use in this blend are White Peony and Cramp Bark.  We’ve also made special effort to have herbs that is high in iron and vitamin c to help with the absorption.  The herbs that were selected to aid with reducing pain before its onset.  With continued use these herbs may promote pain management long term.


***Please note that if you suffer from Endometriosis that you should not steam for more than 20 minutes weekly.***

Soothing Blend ~2 Steam Treatments

  • 1 - 16 oz pack

  • No Exchanges or Returns. We would not be comfortable shipping a product to you that has been out of our control; therefore, we are unable to issue refunds or exchanges of opened or unopened package of herbs. We do not offer a "money-back" guarantee either. We provide high quality herb formulas as described.

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