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1 on 1 coaching

Who Needs a Coach

If you suffer from a painful menstrual cycle and infertility you need me as your coach! Menstrual imbalances can show up in many different ways. If you continuously experience any of the following symptoms below, it is time to work with me and bring ease to your menstrual dis-ease and infertility concerns.

  • Period pain

  • PMS

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Chronic fatigue

  • Abortion support

  • Miscarriage support

  • Infertility challenges

What to expect:

  • First, we will take an initial overview of your past and current menstrual cycle and what your overall intentions are for coaching.

  • We will also take an overview of the context of your life in relevant areas: physical and emotional wellbeing, diet, exercise, work, responsibilities, people, spirituality, dreams and desires. This will give me a clear understanding of who you are!

  • We will review any previous treatment plans that you tried and examine what worked and what didn't.

  • We will then identify the best way to achieve your goals and construct an achievable plan of action.

  • I will teach you how to understand the different phases of your cycle and how it affects your life. You will also learn how to track your cycle and what areas to pay attention to.

  • When we meet, you will share your progress and observations and we will create specific action items towards a personalized self-care plan.

  • As we will be approaching your healing from a holistic perspective, traumas may surface but I am here to hold you in that space and to listen. 

  • Throughout our journey together, I will be your guide, helping you find ease in your menstrual and fertility journey.

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