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Bringing Wombs Back to Wellness

Hamilton's First Certified Yoni Practitioner

Welcome to Denique's House of Healing

Hamilton's First Certified Yoni Practitioner

My Story

In 2010 my only sister was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer.  I became her caregiver and as you can imagine it was by far the most painful journey I had to embark on. 

I remember at one of my sister's Oncologist's appointment, I asked if changing her diet would impact the growth of the cancer and I was told without any hesitation, "no". It broke my heart, I believed that I needed to save my sister, and here was this doctor telling me that she can not be saved and the only treatment would be chemotherapy, so then began the chemotherapy treatment.  I achingly watched my sister suffer through her chemotherapy treatment, I felt powerless and useless.  


When the chemotherapy became too much for her, she stopped the treatment.  I took it upon myself to put her on a plant based diet and was excited after 2 weeks of a diet change the masses were still shrinking however, the cancer was too aggressive and on March 26th, 2012 my beloved sister lost her battle with cancer.

At that time, I did not know that's where my passion for healing organically in a non intrusive way would take life. I love that from my pain I am now able to offer women a service that allows them to heal without having to experience pain. Holistic healing should not be a last alternative. It should be our first.


Why Should You Steam?

Yoni steaming has been known to:

Reduce Cramps
Regulate your menstrual cycle
Treat endometriosis
Healing and toning the uterus after childbirth
Treat PCOS
Treat fibroids
Tighten and tone the vagina
Increase fertility
Remove stagnant energy

Experience Healing

Denique's House of Healing

Hamilton, ON, Canada


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